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AK Hub, the area at Oriocenter created in order to promote research and innovation for the companies and professionals of tomorrow.

● Desks in Coworking Space
● Ad hoc Technological Support
● Management Consulting, Design and Communication, Legal and Tax
● Incubation of ideas, startups, freelancers and emerging talents
● Meeting rooms and Video calls
● Conference room for courses, webinars, hybrid events and staff updates

Within the more than 300 square meters of AK Hub, with a wide view of the airport and the upper city of Bergamo, there are workstations, meeting rooms and a series of high-tech services such as 3D printers, servers, PCs, interactive whiteboards.
AK Hub's goal is to offer a smart and stimulating environment designed to foster the growth and professional development of young talents, the digital start-ups of tomorrow and, finally, to propose a coworking space equipped with the best technologies available on the market.
All supported by the necessary advice and support for companies and professionals who wish to develop their ideas and projects with an edge.
The AK Group will have an important role within the "incubator", not only by making its experience available in a constantly evolving sector, but by helping new entrepreneurial realities, start-ups and subjects adhering to the initiative to enter the reference market as protagonists, thanks above all to a targeted path and to the advice offered by the Group's experts.
The mission of the incubator is precisely the promotion of innovation in the world of work, both of traditional professions and of the most modern start-ups, with particular attention to all those activities that revolve around technology, digital development and the virtual entertainment
industry, including Esports.