Folletto customers are the ones looking for the best, doesn’t matter which is the topic.

Vorwerk Folletto well knows it, that’s why it’s been opening up some Vorwerk Points, assistance and selling centers where anyone can find Vorwerk accessorises and spare parts.

Vorwerk Points are boutiques, stilishly designed in shopping centers as well as in busy locations, just to offer exclusive services: home pick up of your hoover, pre-booked fixing up, speedy delivery, text alert and so much more. Even a fashionable box when you get your vacuum back, sort of jewellery box.

Let our salesmen and women pamper you, also being helpful in training you how to keep your Folletto perfectly working.

What’s more, in our Vorwerk Points you’ll find our latest products, just as Folletto VR200, Folletto VC100, a brand new robot DustBuster, and Folletto VG100, a super window washer. Last but not least, our products are customizable and eco friendly.

Pop in our stores: we’re in whole Italy, closer than you think!